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Timber Fences

Every residential lot in Brisbane has the potential to be transformed into a magical space, appealing to the eye and perfect for hosting guests for some BBQ, playing touch football with the kids or installing that dream garden. All of this begins with installing that quality and professional timber fencing. Top of the range fencing materials allows you to create a personal space, meeting all your aesthetic and utilitarian needs. Timber fences Brisbane are available in different styles and designs able to meet your taste and the exterior look of your home. With a timber fence, step into your own world every time you come home.

timber fences brisbane
brisbane timber fences

Create a unique home with Truscapes, an Australian owned and operated business supplying high-quality fencing supplies. Servicing homes and properties in Brisbane, Queensland, we offer a wide range of fencing and landscaping options unique to every client. Our goal in every Brisbane fencing job is to make our customer’s dream come to life. Represented by our local timber fencing professionals, we have managed to install, repair and replace timber fencing in numerous properties in the area. We take great pride in providing quality workmanship regardless of the size of the job. As experts in the fencing industry, we do not compromise on the products or on the type of finishes.

The best fencing service in the Qld area is just a call away. Get in touch and receive a free quote for a unique timber fencing job.

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Why choose Truscapes for your timber fencing project?

  • Our range of options. While paling fences or the conventional picket fence might be quite common, we have at our disposal modern fencing styles that are guaranteed to complete your property’s look.
  • Quality, top of the range of materials and finishes. Our clients deserve the best and that’s what they get at Truscapes. We make use of only the best products when offering our timber fencing services.
  • Affordable price. Among fences in Brisbane, a timber fence is considered the low cost. Our competitive pricing rates make it even more affordable for our potential clients.

Timber fences are the most common choice of fencing within Brisbane. Rarely a week goes past without our qualified and licensed fencing contractors being hired to install timber Brisbane fences. And why not? Timber fencing is an affordable and cheap method to increase the visual appeal of your home. Timber fencing has that timeless look that complements all manner of homes. In Australia, we have quite the supply of softwood and hardwood timber material making timber fencing in Brisbane choicer among fencing options.

Timber fencing provides an endless sea of variations to a potential owner. Timber is quite the versatile fencing material able to be matched in terms of colour, size and height to different preferences and tastes. This is one of the best advantages of a timber Brisbane fence. With the use of the internet and technology, there are many different and modern styles which a possible homeowner would like to mimic. Some may ask the fencers Brisbane at Truscapes for a short timber fence so as to maximize the natural visuals from their gardens. The more conscious and private owner may ask for a taller fencing Brisbane option that offers greater security and blocks out noise.

In need of quality timber fencing supplies? Or are you ready to install a quality timber fencing? Timber is one of the best options for your home or property. You need a professional fencing Brisbane company to bring out timber to its highest potential. Truscapes is the company you need. Contact us today and you will be connected to our master fence Brisbane contractors.

Partner with Truscapes, the leading Brisbane fencing contractors

Our well trained and experienced experts want to design and build the perfect paling, colonial or lapped fence for you. Their passion and expertise in fencing and landscaping allow them to create the dream home for proprietors who want to renovate their backyards. Contact us today via phone or mail and get a free quote for that paling fence or picket fence installation service.

Brisbane Home Landscaping with Truscapes: Who We Are

for guaranteed garden and landscape Brisbane service

At Truscapes landscaping, we love creating beautiful spaces for customers of all kinds – but we know that a gorgeous backyard area requires more than just a passion for fertilizer and grass seed.

That’s why we make it a point to offer quality landscaping services and reliability that are second to none. We’ve completed hundreds of landscape design projects from Brisbane, Ipswich and the Gold Coast and work hard to take the pressure off you by delivering well-planned landscaping & superior designed outdoor areas that meets your vision of perfection.

We’ll work directly with you to craft the landscape you deserve. We have all the qualifications, insurances, and skills your project requires.

We also offer some of the following benefits:

Qualified and experienced Brisbane landscapers

Bring the Outdoors to Life with Truscapes

Ready to get started? So are we. You can take things to the next level with our complete range of landscaping packages, all of which are tailored to suit new homes or revamp existing outdoor areas. We work with the latest styles inspired by homes all around the world – it doesn’t matter how unique your tastes might be. We will work with you to create your dream outdoor setting.  Our goal?

We want our customers to get excited every time they arrive back home!


Opt in for a free property report by contacting us. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest styles and lawn inspiration as well as updates on all of the services available in your area. Book your free planning session today – the lawn of your dreams starts with a simple phone call.

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