Our Process

An innovative & hassle-free process

At Truscapes, we know that there’s potential everywhere – we see it everyday! – and we aspire to create something exceptional and enduring for your home.

… without the hassle!

Successfully building beautiful outdoors should be an enjoyable experience for your whole family. That’s what we want this process to be for you: an experience! And for that, you need a realistic, innovative and well-though plan.

So, let’s put our creative caps on and explore those grand ideas of yours!

Stage 1. Initial Consultation &
Design Package Selection

After a friendly chat on the phone to ensure we understand your project and that we’re the right fit for you, we’ll decide on a first meeting, either on-site or at our office.

Your outdoor space will look like an extension of your home, so we will use this time to evaluate the specific requirements of your project.

We will walk you through everything you need to know to get started and advise on every possible options available to you.

At this stage we’ll aim to identify:
– the key elements required in the project,
– how you imagine the space,
– your wants and desires to fit your lifestyle,
– how you’re currently using the space, what you love and don’t love about it.

We will dive deep into your priorities and needs to make sure your new backyard will be exactly how you imagined it.

You will then receive a summary of what we captured during our initial consultation, design package examples and, as a top-rated Brisbane & Gold Coast landscaping company, we will also outline different budgetary options that you can choose from to create your dream garden.

Stage 2. Design Concept

Our talented design team will prepare a design concept that captures your vision while mixing in modern styles. It will give you an idea on how your outdoor space flows, how it integrates with your home and the positioning of each space. A personalised mood board will also be sent through to show the feel and vibe we think will best fit the design.

Following your feedback, we will add or remove features depending on your budget and make any little changes you deem necessary.

Only once you’re completely satisfied with the concept we will move on to the next stage!


Stage 3. Full Design & Masterplan

This is the most exciting part of the process and sometimes the most emotional one!

You will see your outdoor space come to life for the first time. Either in a 2D scaled design, in an unbelievably realistic 3D render, or in a fully immersive 3D fly through.

Depending on which options you choose, you’ll have the chance to see your two dimensional ideas become real and leap off the page. Textures so real, you can almost feel them!

Our standard package will include: – a 2D concept masterplan
– a surfaces plan
– a planting plan

Our full 3D design package will include:
– a 2D concept masterplan, surfaces plan, planting plan and an elevations plan – 3D render images
– a personalise 3D virtual fly through video up to 1 minute long

Our incredibly realistic renditions of your outdoor space will help you gain a perfect understanding of how your project will look, feel and flow.

Once you have made the final tweaks and you are feeling fully confident in your project, we will move forward with the build.

Stage 4. Building

It’s time to pick the best man for the job!
Option 1: Trust an expert from the Truscapes Network of Skilled Landscape Partners.

Once you have approved your final landscape design plan, we will carefully hand select the most suitable contractor for you project.

Thanks to our near 20 years in the landscape industry, we have built a network of trusted, friendly and knowledgeable experts in their trade.

Should you wish to follow our recommendation, our contractor will price up your project and complete the work.

Of course, your Truscapes design team will remain available during the building process for both you and our contractor to help ensure the overall package.

Option 2: Get a fair quote from your favorite landscaping companies.

Using our design plans will help you compare quotes for your unique project instead of someone’s interpretation of what you would like.

You will then be able to choose the fairest quote and the best Landscaper for the job.

Ready to create the backyard that will complete your home?

5. Final Presentation

Once we have received your final tweaks we’ll get to work on the final plans. 

The final plan is like a set of directions for you or any team completing the works. While we have the beautiful realistic representation in the 3D renders, these final plans are focused on ensuring any build team knows exactly what they need to do to complete your project. 

These plans also allow you to properly cost out your build. This set of 2D plans will clearly illustrate the spaces and their dimensions and enable anyone to understand the vision for the space in a more technical way. 

The plan typically includes a site plan, hardscaping plan, planting plan, lighting plan and any other important information like elevated structures or specialty items that need to be clearly explained to the tradesmen. It is essentially the manual for your project.

Kingsholme Project

How it started

We were initially engaged to design an un-used space around the pool and alfresco area.  The space had a lot of potential but the clients were unsure how to best utilise the space.

Site meeting

We spent time with the clients and found they were social butterflies who loved to entertain.  We suggested the idea of a fire pit area incorporating a pizza oven and bbq to ensure no one was missing out on the fun.  Herbs were planted around the perimeter for ease of access and to inspire the inner chef.

Our process

We sent through an initial concept for feedback which developed into what you see here.  This was approved for construction and completed just in time for winter.


Our clients were so happy with the result we were engaged to redesign their full acre property which is being staged down into construction projects as we speak.

Concept Sketches

3D Renders