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​Harsh weather and winds that swipe across Brisbane and Queensland region are the main causes of your landscaping woes, especially if it’s a new house. Don’t you hate when you have put in all that effort into your landscaping with plants, and a beautiful little patio and all those months of work and effort you put in is destroyed in an afternoon when a hurricane drops by on one of the extreme summer months? Or when the tropical winter season wrecks havoc on your front yard?

Brisbane Landscapers
Landscaper Brisbane

If you live in the Brisbane area, you are in luck. Landscaper Brisbane are here for you, to fulfill your needs and even for emergency fixing if need be. Sometimes your frontward doesn’t need a complete overhaul, just minor touches here and there, and that’s what our TruScapes landscaper Brisbane can do for you.

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Brisbane is not an easy place to be in, as it cannot withstand the extreme weather without the magic touch of TruScapes’ landscaping magic in Brisbane. Just come to us, and we’ll settle the smallest of your problems, to the largest of your problems. Even if we can’t, we’ll find you a strong dependable landscaper who can help you re-design your new house landscaping, from design to perfection.

​Landscaping is not the easiest task to do by yourself, especially when it requires the collecting of material, building it in,… Tonnes of work is required to install to finish, and you won’t be able to finish it on your own. With TruScapes, your favorite landscaper Brisbane, all you have to do is pay, then you get to sit back and watch as the landscape of envy among your neighbors and friends is built in an afternoon. No more worries about landscaper cheating you with unnecessary “administrative” fees or shoddy work. We’ll be there for you every step of the way, and we’re who we say we are. No creative differences, as we’ll align with you as much as possible and you’ll find we do the best work. As consultants and veterans in the area, we care only about what you want for your house, as we believe you know best. We don’t need prodding either – we’ll take your ideas and run with it, and before you know it, the landscape of your dreams is right before you. ​

Come to the proud, accomplished consultants of TruScapes. If you live in Brisbane, we’re right within your neighborhood. We’re only proud because we love the work that we do. Accomplished because our team is filled with experts who know more than what they are doing. Landscaping is achieving someone’s dream — only to be topped by your own ambition. You only need to drop by and you’ll find complete, polished landscaping in no time.

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The humidity in Brisbane is not a joke. We know that too. With Truscapes, your landscaper Brisbane has a network of contacts to ta on to get the cheapest rates for the newest material in town which can withstand extreme humidity and tropical weather conditions.

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Brisbane Home Landscaping with Truscapes: Who We Are

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At Truscapes landscaping, we love creating beautiful spaces for customers of all kinds – but we know that a gorgeous backyard area requires more than just a passion for fertilizer and grass seed.

That’s why we make it a point to offer quality landscaping services and reliability that are second to none. We’ve completed hundreds of landscape design projects from Brisbane, Ipswich and the Gold Coast and work hard to take the pressure off you by delivering well-planned landscaping & superior designed outdoor areas that meets your vision of perfection.

We’ll work directly with you to craft the landscape you deserve. We have all the qualifications, insurances, and skills your project requires.

We also offer some of the following benefits:

Qualified and experienced Brisbane landscapers

Bring the Outdoors to Life with Truscapes

Ready to get started? So are we. You can take things to the next level with our complete range of landscaping packages, all of which are tailored to suit new homes or revamp existing outdoor areas. We work with the latest styles inspired by homes all around the world – it doesn’t matter how unique your tastes might be. We will work with you to create your dream outdoor setting.  Our goal?

We want our customers to get excited every time they arrive back home!


Opt in for a free property report by contacting us. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest styles and lawn inspiration as well as updates on all of the services available in your area. Book your free planning session today – the lawn of your dreams starts with a simple phone call.

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