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Garden Lighting

No property is complete without outdoor lightings and fixtures to light up your garden and pool deck throughout the night. Many homeowners have installed picture-perfect gardens and landscapes to their yards, making their properties the topic of discussion. However, many are unaware of the potential magic right in front of their eyes. Garden lighting provides you with a different perspective to your property, revealing beautiful sights you never knew existed before.

To bring out the beauty of your home or commercial space at an affordable price, call upon the landscaping and garden lighting professionals at Truscapes. Using only top quality fittings and lighting fixtures, we guarantee to give your property a facelift like no other. No more tripping around at night or hosting events only during the day. Change the game using the perfect set of led lighting available.

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Installation of the perfect set up for your outdoor lighting begins with a pre-visit of your home or residential space; best conducted at dusk. The reason is for our garden lights experts can have a good feel of the type of effect the lights would have on your landscape. It will also provide the foundation of the brief that we will prepare and present to you on a later date.

To provide a better context, our gardening lights experts may come with a demonstration kit that will display the different range of garden lighting Brisbane options available to you. For other specialized outdoor lights such as deck lights, step lights, led lights and so on, our professionals can describe to you the intended effect on your outdoor space.

The installation service begins with the approval of detailed design and agreement of the budget price for the outdoor transformation. Installation of garden lights is both an aesthetic and technical challenge due to the various modifications that will need to be done to your home. The optimal transformation requires a skilful analysis of the landscape, electrical voltage output and other amenities on your property. You are in safe hands with the garden lighting Brisbane professionals from Truscapes. Our servicemen are experienced and can carry out the installation precisely without any hiccups.

Once you give us the go-ahead, you have handed over the site to us. One thing we usually remind our clients, residential and commercial landscaping is not work that can be done in a short period of time. As per our high standard of service, we must ensure that every lighting fixture and light has been placed in its proper spot. With adherence to the highest safety regulations and standards, the low voltage will be laid down in strategic places throughout your landscape. To also deter the effect of termites and other corrosive agents, we typically make use of stainless steel stands and casings to provide a long term service to our clients.

In the best-case scenario, we would not want to make any changes to the existing landscape. However, due to the nature of the work, there might be some to your garden or landscape. Such details will of course have been described in the design brief. This should not deter you from choosing Truscapes to install garden lights. We are the leading landscapers’ company in all matters gardening and landscaping in the Brisbane area. We are capable of making any small repairs and touch-ups that will be required when we finish fitting your quality lighting outdoor system.

Lighting for outdoors is a must-have element on your property so as to draw out the best attributes, 24/7. Outdoor lighting also adds in some security aspect by providing the much-needed light to dark areas of your home; a wholesome product at the right price. Explore the range of led, bollard and string lights available at Truscapes. For the right mix of value, price and quality workmanship, make sure to contact us today for the transformation of your outdoors. Lights for your garden and landscape is our specialty.

The perfect Garden lighting Brisbane set up at the right price

Our landscaping experts know the modern lighting and gardening trends guaranteed to bring your garden to life. Our quality workmanship and superior led lights are available at just the right price. All you need to do is make that call to Truscapes today.

Brisbane Home Landscaping with Truscapes: Who We Are

for guaranteed garden and landscape Brisbane service

At Truscapes landscaping, we love creating beautiful spaces for customers of all kinds – but we know that a gorgeous backyard area requires more than just a passion for fertilizer and grass seed.

That’s why we make it a point to offer quality landscaping services and reliability that are second to none. We’ve completed hundreds of landscape design projects from Brisbane, Ipswich and the Gold Coast and work hard to take the pressure off you by delivering well-planned landscaping & superior designed outdoor areas that meets your vision of perfection.

We’ll work directly with you to craft the landscape you deserve. We have all the qualifications, insurances, and skills your project requires.

We also offer some of the following benefits:

Qualified and experienced Brisbane landscapers

Bring the Outdoors to Life with Truscapes

Ready to get started? So are we. You can take things to the next level with our complete range of landscaping packages, all of which are tailored to suit new homes or revamp existing outdoor areas. We work with the latest styles inspired by homes all around the world – it doesn’t matter how unique your tastes might be. We will work with you to create your dream outdoor setting.  Our goal?

We want our customers to get excited every time they arrive back home!


Opt in for a free property report by contacting us. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest styles and lawn inspiration as well as updates on all of the services available in your area. Book your free planning session today – the lawn of your dreams starts with a simple phone call.

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