Fire Pits

Adding a fire pit to your garden turns it into a multiseason space. You might not use the pool much in winter but you’ll love the fire pit.

There’s nothing like watching flames flicker in the cool of a Queensland evening. Campfires have always been gathering places and a fire pit creates that same pull. Your kids will love toasting marshmallows and snuggling up to you while you share campfire stories.

It’s not just a family space though. It’s a couple’s space too.

Forget Netflix. Once the kids are asleep, you have a perfect romantic destination right there in your garden. Open a bottle of red, share a plate of nibbles and savour each other’s company while the flames dance.

The Truscapes approach to fire pits

As you can see, the fire pit is about so much more than the pit itself. It’s about creating a mood in that space. How do we do that? We make the fire pit into a true feature of your garden, set in a purposely designed space that includes planting, paving and seating.

There are many ways to personalise your fire pit. Maybe you want log seats for that campfire feel. Or soft chairs for cosy comfort. Either way, we always ensure your fire pit can serve a dual purpose by adding a grill so you can enjoy a flame-grilled burger there too.

Feeling fired up?
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FAQs on fire pits

Yes, providing you comply with your local council’s rules. Brisbane City Council now allows the use of above-ground braziers and fire pits in residential areas providing certain criteria are met. This follows a recent trial and anticipates amendments to its Health, Safety and Amenity Local Law 2009.

A gas fire pit can go anywhere.
Under Brisbane City Council rules, an open fire pit or brazier must be at least 2.5 metres away from:

  • vegetation and flammable materials on your property and adjacent properties
  • every property boundary and the outermost projection of any nearby buildings or structures.

One that suits your space and your family and is placed in a way that encourages you to gather around it.  

We can help you choose the ideal spot for your backyard fire pit, taking into account:

  • The distance from structures, plants and combustible materials
  • Local council regulations
  • Prevailing wind direction
  • Other areas of your garden that would complement the fire pit.

Sand is often advised to protect a metal fire pit from extreme heat in one spot by dispersing the heat more evenly. That said, sand absorbs moisture too so may increase the risk of the metal rusting. If your fire pit’s instructions recommend the use of sand, then it’s best to use it but to ensure you take other precautions to protect the metal from rust such as covering the fire pit when not in use. 

Ideally, yes. Over time, heat affects a brick fire pit. A fire pit ring or liner provides added protection and longevity. 

Yes, because all fires need air flow to burn. Don’t worry, we’ll build these into your fire pit so that your fire burns brightly throughout the evening.