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When choosing the type of fence you want to be installed in your home, it’s not only the overall appearance that matters, but also, how well it will serve its purpose, and how long will it take to build the fence. Nowadays, even with the design in priority, it will be best to consider first the practicality of any additions or renovations in your Ipswich property.

Does being practical means I will spend less?

No.  Being practical means spending on something that is worth the money you are paying for.


Fencing Ipswich
Ipswich Fence

Who wouldn’t want great looking fences, with gates that denote elegance and stylishness?  As a homeowner who works to keep their homes looking great and comfortable to live with, it feels great when your home is admired. However, what use will your great-looking fences Ipswich be if in just a year it’s already calling to be replaced?  Or with just a minor bump it is ready to fall off? With your fencing Ipswich in mind, being practical means choosing the right kind of materials to use.  Something that will make your fences Ipswich looks great, can last you for your years, and at the same time, will serve its purpose of protecting your property from outside forces.

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Practical Choices for Fencing

There are many types of fencing Ipswich materials you can choose from.  You may consider having fences Ipswich around your home with gates that match, or have pool fencing (because pool fences are required by law); there are cost-effective and durable types to choose from. Some of these choices for fences Ipswich are listed below.

Fencing Ipswich is naturally placed near your yard or garden, and having timber fencing adds that natural aesthetic beauty. When your home has that specific setting that stays close to nature, fencing Ipswich that is made of timber is a perfect choice. Aside from its visual appearance, timber is generally cheaper than other fencing Ipswich materials. You can build tall fences Ipswich, or cute picket fences if you want to have that border but still want your home and garden to be visible to outsiders, or picturesque lattice fences.  Timber fencing may require the most maintenance, but these will be just small repairs that are not hard to do.

One type of fencing Ipswich that has become popular these days is colorbond fencing.  Although this type of fencing is not as strong and durable as steel or iron, choosing the high-quality type of color bond fencing will give you a fencing Ipswich that will not deteriorate for a long time.  Furthermore, aluminum is one of the longest-lasting metals available, so if you are looking for a low maintenance type of fences Ipswich, color bond fencing is the way to go.

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Brisbane Home Landscaping with Truscapes: Who We Are

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At Truscapes landscaping, we love creating beautiful spaces for customers of all kinds – but we know that a gorgeous backyard area requires more than just a passion for fertilizer and grass seed.

That’s why we make it a point to offer quality landscaping services and reliability that are second to none. We’ve completed hundreds of landscape design projects from Brisbane, Ipswich and the Gold Coast and work hard to take the pressure off you by delivering well-planned landscaping & superior designed outdoor areas that meets your vision of perfection.

We’ll work directly with you to craft the landscape you deserve. We have all the qualifications, insurances, and skills your project requires.

We also offer some of the following benefits:

Qualified and experienced Brisbane landscapers

Bring the Outdoors to Life with Truscapes

Ready to get started? So are we. You can take things to the next level with our complete range of landscaping packages, all of which are tailored to suit new homes or revamp existing outdoor areas. We work with the latest styles inspired by homes all around the world – it doesn’t matter how unique your tastes might be. We will work with you to create your dream outdoor setting.  Our goal?

We want our customers to get excited every time they arrive back home!


Opt in for a free property report by contacting us. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest styles and lawn inspiration as well as updates on all of the services available in your area. Book your free planning session today – the lawn of your dreams starts with a simple phone call.

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