Our Design Packages

2D Design

A fully scaled 2D plan that includes all the important features of your project like plants, structures, pools, walkways and more.

2D Design Package

3D Render

See your two dimensional ideas become real and leap off the page. Textures so realistic you could touch them... Shadows, sunlight, and plants that come alive on the page. See how it would look like at different time of the day... a glistening pool at sunset, or the sun through the trees and spilling onto the deck at sunrise.

3D Design Package

A thorough plan to design your own corner of the world

There’s no truer escape than the feel of a cold one in your hand, nestled in the garden of your dreams and the kids having fun outside. You’re home.

Can you picture it? Can you almost touch it?

Well, we’re here to make sure everyone sees it the way you do! And bring your ideas to life in a cost-effective and structurally safe way.

We will use cutting edge technologies to create a detailed visual overview of your landscape. This is a crucial element in the landscaping process as it will give a clear vision of what will be delivered and set the foundation for a successful project.

Landscape designs is what we do best

– Beautiful Living & Entertainment Areas
This is our speciality and what we are passionate about! Fully optimise, delightful and relaxing outdoors for the whole family to enjoy.

– Luscious Gardens
Sustainable, low-maintenance, relaxing and harmoniously blending with their surroundings.

– Automatic Irrigation Systems
We can design and install well-though irrigation systems that match your needs.

Save time and money

A landscape design plan carefully considers the specific requirements of your project… in advance! That means: a more precise quote and no unexpected adjustments in the middle of construction, and a more precise plan of actions that will save you time, energy and frustration!

Get started faster and run smoother

Spreading the work over multiple trusted parties allows them to be more focused on their specialty and do the best job possible. And to make it all run like clockwork you need a clear plan of action. Each parties will then know what to do and when without having to wait for each other.

Get the greatest designs

As our sole focus is on harnessing our creativity, we can leave the construction to our trustworthy and skilled partner. This allows us to create the greatest, most unique and innovative design for your project. We promise to provide guidance, artistic advice and to ensure that your expectations are met.