Concrete is a wonderfully versatile material that enables you to:


  • Revive your driveway
  • Make room for your boat or
  • caravan
  • Create a parking space for your
  • teenager
  • Construct an appealing and cost-
  • effective pool surround
  • Establish an attractive pathway
  • Lay a slab for your shed, teenagers’
  • hangout, garden office,
  • summerhouse or man cave.

Decorative concrete options

Create an impressive effect from a low-maintenance, durable material using decorative concrete finishes such as:

Coloured concrete

We’ll help you find the right colour and tone to complement your home

Exposed aggregate

Create a richly textured look incorporating your chosen stone throughout the slab

Stenciled concrete

Apply a decorative pattern to your newly laid driveway or path

Stamped concrete

Beautify your patio, pool surround or driveway with the look and feel of brick, stone, tile or even wood.
Quality concreting

Concrete is good for your budget but we’re not budget concreters. While you can get it done more cheaply, you won’t get it done as well.

That’s because Truscapes:
  • Adheres to each council’s regulations and Australian standards (many concreters don’t even know these exist)
  • Keeps your neighbours in the loop to protect your reputation and relationships
  • Considers issues like stormwater drainage and termites
  • Uses high-quality, long-lasting materials so that your concreting stands the test of time.
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Concreting services
Concrete Driveways Ipswich


A professionally poured concrete driveway creates an appealing entrance to your home. It’s also a very practical choice, creating space more parking space for your boat, caravan or teenagers’ cars.  Truscapes has considerable experience in creating stunning concrete driveways that complement the style of your home and suit your lifestyle.   It’s a smooth and efficient process that transforms the entrance to your home in a matter of days and generates substantial curb appeal.   

Pool surrounds

Your pool is there to be enjoyed. A concrete pool surround can be installed more quickly than tiles or pavers yet creates a similarly impressive look. 
We love transforming a tired pool surround or helping you get into your new pool more quickly.  

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Shed slabs

Any structure in your garden needs a strong foundation whether it’s a shed to store your things, a gathering space for teens or a garden office so you can work from home. 

FAQs on concreting

Unfortunately, there are too many variables to give a precise answer here. We’ll give you a full quote based on your aspirations, taking into account size, colour, preferred materials and chosen finishes. 

Your driveway handles the weight of cars, caravans, boats, motorcycles and anything else you might park there. It needs to be tough. It should also look the part, contributing to a positive first impression of your home. 

You don’t want to spend your weekends pulling weeds out of your driveway so forget block paving. Concreting is a great option for a low maintenance driveway. It’s also easy to personalise with a choice of colours, patterns and other decorative finishes. 

Around 2-3 days, depending on your particular needs. 

That depends how you look at it. It’s more expensive than plain concrete but it tends to be less expensive and easier to maintain than other decorative options like bricks, tile or wood. 

Yes and no. You can only stamp concrete when it is still wet from a recent pour. If you want to revitalise an existing driveway or patio, then (providing it’s in good repair) it may be possible to pour a new layer of concrete over it and stamp that.


It’s a way to give your existing concrete a new look by resurfacing it and using decorative stamps or stencils on the newly poured concrete. 

Yes, if they’re done correctly on a properly prepared surface. They’re as durable as the underlying concrete. If you’re interested in a concrete overlay, then we’ll examine your existing surface carefully and advise you on whether it’s in a suitable state. 

Yes, patterned concrete is an affordable way to achieve the high-end look of paving (and you don’t have to keep the weeds out either!).